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Dubmood ‎–Overshoot Days MC


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French pressed music cassette. Cream cassette with white paper label. Limited 100 copies

Dubmood is a crossgenre Swedish chipmusican (real name Kalle Jonnson) living in Marseille who put out his first chiptunes on modarchive back in 1996. Since then he has been composing chipmusic for various crackgroups but residing with the infamous Razor 1911, by FBI described as the oldest software piracy ring on the internet. Since 2004 he has been performing live, both as a Electro-DJ and Chipmusic livesets, alone and in different coalitions. Being an oldie and a style-originator in todays chipmusic-comunity, dubmood earns not only the respect for being mentioned a vital sources of inspiration and the reason for discovering chipmusic by todays new chipmusic-artists, but also he has also been recognised by bigger mainstream acts as a popular producer and remixer. Dubmoon has alos released albums together with vocalist Gem Tos. On their previous album Machine, the two contemplated on the feelings and bonds between humans and technology. On the follow up, Force De Frappe, those relations were studied even further and in concept of nuclear conflict and mutual total destruction. Overshoot Days is a continuation of this story line exploring themes of overreach, depletion of resources and departure. to face the decision of to stay or to leave, to change or decay, and the consequences for what is left behind. The sounds of Overshoot days is a blend of the two previously mentioned albums, proto-internet digital computer soundchips with analogue mellowness and human percussion

Track list:
1. Overshoot Days (Part 1)
2. Silver Screen (Part 1)
3. Perpetual Sentience
4. A Hole In The Chest
5. Perdition
6. Silver Screen (Part 2)
7. Overshoot Days (Part 2)
8. Bohemia
9. Silver Screen (Part 3)
10. Planetarium

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