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Dying Fetus – Destroy The Opposition


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Dying Fetus third record, Destroy The Opposition marks the highlight of an illustrious career in the spotlight. The production is clean, crystal clear, if you will. It allows every aspect of the instrumentation to have it’s say on proceedings. The guitars, in particular, take it upon themselves to do this with force and malice. Whilst, as I say, the leads are catchy and driven by melodies, there is harshness about the guitars. The distortion doesn’t allow Destroy The Opposition to step down from it’s perch, high up in the gore stakes. One guitarist plays one riff and the other plays another. This intricate style of play is appealing and signifies the huge improvements made in terms of song writing and musicianship, which once let the band down. Songs like Praise The Lord and Epidemic Of Hate are strong willed. As one might expect, this gore obsessed record, with it’s intricate rhythmic riffs, is backed up by the insane lyrics, which have a huge impact upon the sound as they fit beside the soundscapes of unlimited aggression, anger and hate perfectly. I can't wait another day, ‘cause the tide's turning back on your bullshit You are wasting my time and respect with your lies. Destroyer of faith, cashed out, falling down. Years of deception in chains of oppression. Track listing: 1. Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses) 2. Destroy The Opposition 3. Born In Sodom 4. Epidemic Of Hate 5. Pissing In The Mainstream 6. In Times Of War 7. For Us Or Against Us 8. Justifiable Homicide

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