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Dying Fetus – Infatuation With Malevolence


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Infatuation with Malevolence collects the early demos of Dying Fetus'. Recorded in the early '90s, the demos show the band in their more formative, less political years, giving fans a look at the band as they they worked through their growing pains with guitarist John Gallagher filling in on drums. Dying Fetus diehards should enjoy this look behind the curtain of this staple of American death metal. 1999 re-issue with new artwork and 4 bonus tracks Track listing: 1. Eviscerated Offspring 2. Your Blood Is My Wine 3. And The Weak Shall Be Crushed 4. Visualize Permanent Damnation 5. Purged Of My Worldly Being 6. Bathe In Entrails 7. Nocturnal Crucifixion 8. Wretched Flesh Consumption 9. Grotesque Impalement 10. Vomiting The Fetal Embryo 11. Tearing Inside The Womb 12. Intentional Manslaughter-live 13. Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog-live 14. Skull Fucked-live

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