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Dying Fetus -Make Them Beg For Death lp [blue]


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Sea blue vinyl with lyric insert

2023 release. One of Death Metal’s biggest bands, Dying Fetus returns with their highly anticipated album, Make Them Beg For Death. Recorded in Baltimore with longtime producer Steve Wright and mixed by Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse), Make Them Beg For Death contains every Dying Fetus hallmark.The album is filled with sick riffs and catchy bars. With each new release from Dying Fetus, the recording quality seems to increase and the mix is as tight as ever. Make Them Beg For Death is one of their best efforts so far. Dying Fetus ninth album is fast, intense, and brimming with unstoppable grooves.

Track list:
1. Enlighten Through Agony
2. Compulsion For Cruelty
3. Feast Of Ashes
4. Throw Them In The Van
5. Unbridled Fury
6. When The Trend Ends
7. Undulating Carnage
8. Raised In Victory, Razed In Defeat
9. Heros Grave
10. Subterfuge

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Relapse Records

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RR7436 / RR74361

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