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Dying Fetus – Purification Through Violence


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Dying Fetus have been devastating people through sonic punishment for a decade. Musical integrity is what Dying Fetus represents. DF's music is designed to make listeners explode into a violent frenzy by unleashing a vast array of technical buildups that drop into slamming sickness. One listen to Dying Fetus and you will tear your house to shreds. Dying Fetus have toured with: Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Vader, Skinless, Cephalic Carnage and many others. DF have destroyed numerous Metalfests across the globe. You have found the most treacherous, relentlous, pounding, in your face, barbaric musical onslaught known to man. Buy or die Track listing: 1. Blunt Force Trauma 2. Beaten Into Submission 3. Skull Fucked 4. Permanently Disfigured 5. Raped On The Altar 6. Nothing Left To Pray For 7. Nocturnal Crucifixion 8. Skum (Fuck The Weak)

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