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Dzjenghis Khan -S/t cd


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San Francisco’s Dzjenghis Khan were formed in 1977 by three young savants whose identities have been the subject of much speculation over the years. Convinced by Dutch entrepreneur Guy Tavares to abandon their lives in S.F. and move to Den Haag in 2007 the band recorded what would become their penultimate album. Once released on Motorwolf and Leafhound Records on their respective continents both corporations of course promptly declared bankruptcy and most copies of the release were destroyed shortly thereafter. None of said members returned our calls and it is believed their refusal to participate in this reissue project is due to their conversion to Jehovah’s Witnessiscism, assuming such a thing exists. As recording engineer Hans Koolstra once said; There is no left or right channel. Only centre! That’s it. I’m leaving. What we do know is that their one and only album is one of the most important psych-acid rock albums of the new millennium and its a raw acid rock pearl. Dzjenghis Khan was one of the first bands to bring back the psych sound, in a time where there was not a real audience; one can say they were pioneers after the pioneers! Dzjenghis Khan is ten killer tracks; the sound is dirty, fuzzy, raw – the atmosphere is nearly lo-fi but the riffing will melt your face.

Track list:
1. Snake Bite
2. Wildcat
3. The Widow
4. No Time For Love
5. Avenue A
6. Against The Wall
7. Black Saint
8. End Of The Line
9. Rosie
10. Sister Dorien

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Heavy Psych Sounds

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HPS 089