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Earl Slick -In Your Face cd [original]


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Original 1991 Music For Nations pressing

Best-known as one of David Bowies guitarists (during one of his most successful periods commercially — the mid-70s), Earl Slick has gone on to play on a variety of other projects before returning back to Bowie in the early 21st century. Slick (then only 22 years old), came out of virtually nowhere to serve as Bowie’s first proper replacement for Mick Ronson after Bowie had spilt up the Spiders from Mars. Leaving Bowies band just as the singer decided to pack his bags and relocate to Germany, Slick continued on as a ‘gun for hire’, as he appeared on Leo Sayer’s Top Ten 1976 release, Endless Flight, ex-Mott the Hoople singer Ian Hunter’s 1977 solo outing, Overnight Angels, and also releases by such obscure hard rock outfits as Bad Boy and Tonio K. Also during this time, Slick attempted briefly to launch a solo career, resulting in such releases as Razor Sharp and Earl Slick Band. Up next for Slick was one of the high points of his entire career — working alongside John Lennon on what would become Lennon’s final all-new studio recording, 1980’s chart-topping Double Fantasy. After Lennon’s death the same year, Slick returned to the studio with Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, and appeared on what would become her highest-charting solo release, 1981’s harrowing Season of Glass. The early to mid-’80s saw Slick return briefly to Bowie’s band (for the sold-out Serious Moonlight world tour in support of 1983’s Let’s Dance), and also virtually replacing Brian Setzer in the Stray Cats, as he joined up with ex-Cats Lee Rocker (bass) and Slim Jim Phantom (drums) in the trio Phantom, Rocker & Slick. The short-lived outfit issued a pair of moderately successful albums before disbanding. Slick would appear on other artists releases throughout the late ’80s/early ’90s and then releasing his third solo album ‘In Your Face’ in 1991. This album was Slicks first ever instrumental album and its based mostly on feel and emotion (Aural stimulation, if you will.) A far cry from the narcissistic musical indulgences of many instrumentalists. ‘In Your Face’ came about as a result of a jam with bass player Kirk Alley and a conversation in 1984 with Terry Bozzio whose drum playing on this album helps make it so appealing. After this album Slick took a break from the music business to sort out his personal life (allegedly to kick a serious drug problem).

Of all the albums I have ever done this is my favorite. I hope you enjoy it too. – Earl Slick

In this day of Satriani clones and GIT-grad Stevie Vai wannabes, it’s fun to hear an original rock guitarist jam on tunes with some meat. Slick embraces mid-tempo rockers. – Sammy Prestianni – Rox Underground

Track listing:
1. In Your Face
2. Pick N Shovel
3. Surfer Junkie Dude
4. Bottleneck
5. Slow Down Slicky
6. A Change Is Gonna Come
7. Austin Boogie Blues
8. Ghost Town
9. Manic Depression
10. Tank
11. Across The River
12. Howard Hughes
13. Lullaby For A Redhead

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