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Earthless –From The Ages MC


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US pressed music cassette. Yellow cassette with white text.

San Diego’s Earthless plays psychedelic hardrock and it’s not Peter Green losing his mind from bad acid but it is relentless rocking, 20 minute jams that don’t quit, no singing but who needs words when your face is melting into your hands? This is for anyone that loved some of Hendrix’s 10 minute jams on some of his live recordings. If you don’t get bored listening to the 20+ minute version of Dazed And Confused (on The Song Remains The Same) where Page has a 10 minute guitar romp (minus the violin bow part, even though it was cool when Jimmy did it). Or if you think a Sabbath album would still be awesome even if there were no vocals then you will enjoy this album. So if you like the darkness and monster riffs of Black Sabbath, the power of Led Zeppelin, and are crazy about the grunge sound, stoner rock and the feel of doomy dark sludge metal, without double bass drum overkill then Earthless provides the wow factor on so many levels. Great grooves, great backbone rhythm section, and the guitar playing is outstanding. I can honestly say that these guys have restored my faith in jam bands, and moreso have restored my faith in 21st Century Rock Music

Track list:
1. Violence Of The Red Sea
2. Uluru Rock
3. Equus October
4. From The Ages

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Nuclear blast records

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NB 5691-3

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