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Easy Rider -Regeneration cd


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Man, these Spaniards have changed. They have found an American vocalist with ex-Mace singer Ron Finn and soundwise their a lot straighter then before and now their sounding like the finest US-power metal act with some slight progressive elements. Already the duo of “Regeneration” and “Stranger” (which is a re-release of an older song) sweeps through the speakers like a freshly born tornado, powerful (vocally as musically), a damn tight rhythm-section, very good riffing, just great stuff and also the following “World Is Coming Down” is absolutely convincing, the comparison with Vicious Rumors definitely can not be put aside and that is good. The gentlemen (Javier) Villanueva and Castellanos are producing lots of very good riffs and hooks and Finn’s voice perfectly suits the crunchy sound of the Iberians, the already mentioned rhythm-section is driving everything forward perfectly. So is everything gold? No, not completely, because one or two songs can be found that cannot keep up that level, but still they are far from being fillers. Elegey axeman Patrick Rondat have also added a guitar solo to ‘Freedom Fighter’. This was a major step forward for the band and definitely something worth checking out

Track listing:
1. Regeneration
2. Stranger
3. World Is Coming Down
4. Nightmare
5. Where Angels Fly
6. No Room in Hell
7. Spectre of Sorrow
8. Freedom Fighter
9. Eyes That Can’t See
10. Goliath
11. Chariots of the Gods
12. Man Made Martyr

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