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Ebola ‎–Infernal Revelation lp [white]


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White vinyl in gatefold cover with hand numbered card, a 28 page booklet, poster and 2 none cd tracks. Limited 500 copies

After an industrial intro, very heavy, churning death metal riffing sets in, dwelling in the past. But suddenly it shifts and there’s a more modern touch to it as the blasting sets in. And that’s the way it continues throughout the album; mixing the old with the new, and every now and then an industrial ambient track. The strings are definitely churning, as mentioned earlier, presented in quite a thick wall of sound. It drips of old school gore, but with the modern deathgrind á la Sotajumala oozing through the cracks. There’s plenty of moments of relentless blasting and growling, but they never fully leave the old school agenda behind. However sometimes it even feels like there’s a touch of hardcore thrown in there, just to spice things up. But Morbid Angel, Incantation and some of the Swedish old school lads, probably stands for the biggest chunk of inspiration. The bass is really let lose here, and is given enough space to really let it rumble, backed up by the (almost melodic) guitars. Now don’t get me wrong; this is certainly not melodic metal, but Ebola still shows a mind for melody and not just blind blasting. And with the wicked drumming and the deep, growling horror this is one cool album.

Track list:
1. March Of The Damned Army
2. Infernal Revelation
3. Secular Order
4. Z. G. Slaughter
5. Hate
6. Burn The Holy Bible
7. Ebola – Plague Devouring Christianity
8. Desecrated Messiah
9. Death With Us
10. Death To All!
11. Morbid Blessing
12. Unholy Prophet
13. Vomit On Crucifix
14. Orthodox
15. Final Execution

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