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Echelon –Open Wide The Adamantine Gates cd


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Open Wide The Adamantine Gates is the third album from the deadly duo of Rogga Johansson (Paganizer/Ribspreader etc) and Dave Ingram (Benediction). Echelon doesnt set out to make death metal more than it needs to be. Its simple, straightforward and very enjoyable. Open Wide The Adamantine Gates is a true representation of all that true Death metal has been in the past and what death metal should sound even in the future. It has those vicious riffs and that voracious vocals that any fan of Dave Ingram have come to love. This is old-school death metal made by true professionals and it can be heard. So fans of high quality death metal need to check this out.

Track list:
1. Undefiled Wisdom
2. Open Wide The Adamantine Gates
3. Soul Dealer
4. Of Witches And Wenches
5. The Sins Of The Sycophants
6. Into The Trapezoid
7. In The Flesh
8. Diaboli Vindictam
9. Leviathan
10. Temporal Closure

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Iron Blood And Death Corporation

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