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Edguy -Superheroes dvd [heroic edition]


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Although the EP and DVD were released at the same time, with the same title, they do not share the same material. Featured here on the DVD is the Superheroes video, the making of that video, live performance filmed in Brazil, back stage material, interviews and more. According to the band, ‘a lot of bullsh*t and stupid jokes’’, our fans will love it. Total running time around 75 minutes. The heroic edition comes in a dvd sized case

Edguy definitely know the meaning of life. They were born to make us happy and with every album they manage to prove themselves right. Not only have they delivered quality music but their distinct sense of humour always makes it a pleasure to see them live, watch their video clips or even talk to them. ‘Superheroes’ is a really heavy and catchy song with a video clip funny as hell. Fans of Edguy have all the good reasons to check this one out.

Track listing:
1. Superheroes-video
2. Intro
3. Mysteria -live in Brazil
4. Under The Moon-live in Brazil
5. Navigator -live in Brazil
6. Superheroes -The Road Movie
7. Studio Documentary
8. Superheroes Slideshow
9. The Making Of The Video Clip
10. Interviews
11. Photo Gallery

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