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Edguy –The Savage Poetry dlp [yellow]


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20th anniversary edition on yellow vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

In 1995 Edguy demoed The Savage Poetry when they were still in high school. Only 5 years later would they re-write and re-record the entire demo album and re-release it in 2000. But nowadays everyone forgets about Edguy’s true power metal albums, and I’m mainly speaking of Vain Glory Opera, Theater Of Salvation, and The Savage Poetry. In one way Edguy’s discography can be compared to In Flames discography, because their older albums are overlooked and ignored by the majority of the fan base that listens to their more mainstream albums. And when I listen to The Savage Poetry I can’t see exactly why this is overlooked. In The Savage Poetry we see Edguy at their fullest potential, or at least pretty damn close to it. All you have to hear are the first three songs of the album’s setlist – all three sings have some of the fastest drum patterns Edguy has ever produced, straight up power metal vocals from Tobias Sammet that doesn’t have his version of sleazy glam metal vocals, and Dirk Sauer is doing an excellent job at rhythm guitars while Jens Ludwig is performing some his best solos I’ve ever heard in Edguy’s catalog. But after the first three songs we have an amazing ballad that’s entitled Sands of Time, the song itself is quite beautiful and worth the listen. Once you think Edguy has soften up on us, the song Sacred Hell comes soaring in. The album transition from a soft piano ballad to a straight up in-your face power metal song turns out to be a must listen. The Savage Poetry deserves more attention and respect then most are willing to admit. It’s also surprising that Edguy used to be more focused on delivering awesome power metal songs that literally had every member contributing more so then they have been in recent years. Personally I’d have to recommend this to any Edguy fan or any power metal fan out there as well, The Savage Poetry is a truly a gem within the genre.

Track list:
1. Hallowed
2. Misguiding Your Life
3. Key To My Fate
4. Sands Of Time
5. Sacred Hell
6. Eyes Of The Tyrant
7. Frozen Candle
8. Roses To No One
9. Power And Majesty

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AFM 035-11

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