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Einherjer ‎–Blot dlp


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Black vinyl with a 4-page booklet. Limited 333 numbered copies

Taking their moniker from the Norse mythology term for the slain warriors who are brought to Valhalla by valkyries to join Odin’s table, Norway’s Einherjer emerged in 1993 with a sound that combines folk, symphonic black metal, and lyrics steeped in Scandinavian and North Germanic folklore. Within a short period of time the band became one of the most creative, influencial and maybe even one of the best bands of the Viking Metal scene. Their 2003 album, Blot, takes you through beautiful landscapes and gives you wonderful tales of majestic oceans and roaring battles. Overflowing with passion and feeling, Blot is an obvious choice for anyone that enjoys Viking Metal or wants to explore the genre further.

Track list:
1. Einherjermarsjen
2. Ironbound
3. Dead Knights Rite
4. Wolf-Age
5. The Eternally Damned
6. Ware Her Venom
7. Hammar Haus
8. Starkad
9. Ride The Gallows
10. Ingen Grid
11. Berserkergang
12. Venomtongue

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