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Eldamar –The Force Of The Ancient Land dlp [clear]


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Double album on clear vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 411 copies

Eldamar is the solo project of Mathias Hemmingby from Askim/Norway, performing atmospheric black metal and ambient. It was formed in the Summer of 2015. Conceptually, Eldamar is inspired by J.R.R Tolkien, Heathenism, Elven Magic and Nature. The goal of Eldamar’s art is to help listeners to open up to the music in an emotional way and combine the experience with their imagination. This will allow them to drift away in their own dreams while listening to the songs. With persistence, this practice will carry them right through the gates of Alfheimr/Elvenhome. Their debut album is a mystical and magical album which is heavy on atmosphere and it sounds like you are in a world of elves – either deep in an enchanted forest, overlooking majestic fjords, preparing for an epic battle, or climbing to a mountain’s peak in a deep, dark winter. Fans of Tolkien and Summoning should take notice

Track list:
1. Spirit Of The North
2. Winter Night
3. Travel In Woods
4. From Life To Spirit
5. Valkyrjur, Ancient Ones
6. The Border Of Eldamar
7. Galaowen The Eldar
8. New Beginning

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Northern Silence Productions

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NSP 005 US

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