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Eldritch ‎–Tasting The Tears cd


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The historic tribulations of Eldritch are complicated and over-stretched for a more than 20 years period. Their first album literally blowing me away, and their originality was tangible back then, in showing a very untraditional mix of Thrashy guitar with many layers of keyboards, asymmetric patterns and load of harmonies the whole enhanced by a powerful, organic and genuine vocals of the great Terence Holler. The time is running fast, the path wasn’t always easy for Holler and his musical partner Eugene Simone, many turmoils and a lot of change in the line-up, also in the management team / Records company, some ups and some letdown. Tasting The Tears is their ninth studio album and its a great return to shape, a restoration of the more classic Eldritch sound signature with a lot of dark mood and a particular depth in the atmospheres. The more harsh shades and the techno-thrash influences, once displayed in the very underrated Reverse album (2001) are barely seen now. The style is more Prog Metal focused on the melodic side with a clear keyboards driven prominence, and maybe a little more experimental flavor (Dont Listen), Holler’s vocals are as unique as ever. The album ends with an unexpected cover of the Rage For Order classic tune I Will Remember originally created by Queensryche, this rendition is courageous and refer more to the version once heard in the MTV unplugged session than the regular album version, not an easy task and finally it’s a smart move and the best way to close this terrific records.

Track list:
1. Inside You
2. Tasting the Tears
3. Alone Again
4. Waiting for Something
5. Seeds of Love
6. The Trade
7. Something Strong
8. Don’t Listen
9. Iris
10. Love from a Stone
11. Clouds
12. I Will Remember-Queensryche cover

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