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Eleine ‎–Die From Within mlp [splatter]


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White with gold splatter vinyl. Limited 100 copies

The loss of someone leaves such silence, even if you”re screaming from the top of your lungs and it feels like your insides are being ripped out. As time goes by, you slowly realize that life will never be the same. This song was born out of loss and depression. This is to our lost loved ones, and to all of our fans out there fighting through their own daily struggles. We love you and we’re with you.
– Madeleine and Rikard (Eleine)

In 2020 Eleine released their third full-length album Dancing In Hell. It was a step into a darker and heavier sound while still being symphonic and melodic. The album was full of stories of inner demons, strength and loss. This limited ep features two album tracks and two symphonic versions. A must for any fan of Eleine

Track list:
1. Die From Within
2. The World We Knew
3. Die From Within-symphonic version
4. Story Untold-symphonic version

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