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Elend –Winds Devouring Men dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with a 4 page insert

Winds Devouring Men is the fifth album by neoclassical band Elend. It is the first album in the Winds Cycle trilogy. This album is notable as a progression from earlier Elend work in that it does not rely on synthesizers and sequencing to achieve an orchestral sound — though there are still computerized effects, the majority of the music is played on acoustic instruments by chamber musicians.

Track list:
1. The Poisonous Eye
2. Worn Out With Dreams
3. Charis
4. Under War-Broken Trees
5. Away From Barren Stars
6. Winds Devouring Men
7. Vision Is All That Matters
8. The Newborn Sailor
9. The Plain Masks Of Daylight
10. A Staggering Moon
11. Silent Slumber: A God That Breeds Pestilence

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