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Elixir -Mindcreeper lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 250 copies

It’s been twenty years since The Son Of Odin and the original members still having a lot of fun. This is 80’s British metal right down to the shoelaces and not even a hint of NU or other modern crap influences. The thunderous rhythm section of The Dobbs Brothers (Kevin – bass, Nigel – drums), and the powerful vocals by the ever so present, Paul Taylor, will certainly please any fan of the band. This is British hard rock with plenty of that old attitude, and Elixir still run the lyrical gamut from wicked tales of the Devil to the song about Odin’s land and where angels fear to tread. You know what youre in for when it comes to Elixir. Check out titles like Don’t Trust The Preacher, Mindcreeper and Hot Metal. This is solid old school metal with old school melodies, take it or leave it.

Track listing:
1. Don’t Trust The Preacher
2. Mindcreeper
3. Hot Metal
4. Rescue My Soul
5. Over And Over Again
6. Knocking On The Gates Of Hell
7. Iron Hawk
8. Athenian Glory
9. Guiding Star
10. Where Angels Fear To Tread

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