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American 1999 re-issue with insert. Limited 500 copies

The one and only album from the Canada quartet Ellison. The history dates back to 1967-1968 when Vincent Marandola and his childhood friend Richard Arcand got together in a trio named Jimmy Peace who lasted until 1969. The then hooked up with a new drummer and added one more guitarist and became Ellison. After playing at different locations around Montreal the band recorded this debut album which came out in 1971. Among world-wide collectors it is a much loved hard psych-rock masterpiece with melancholic moments and intense songs with killer interplay. The lyrics describe drug experiences. After some door-knocking sound effects, the opening cut, “Unchanged World,” charges into a gritty blues-rock groove with pulsating bass runs and some excellent guitar work. On top of that, vocalist Vincent Marandola does a pretty respectable impersonation of Jim Morrison’s later-period-Doors, with a barrelhouse blues yodel (with vague hints of Steppenwolf’s John Kay) and an earth-shaking, alcohol-soaked, gravelly shout. The self titled album featured seven original songs that have been described as brash, loud, hard rock with straight from the heart vocal work. In a similar style as Canadian cohorts The Ugly Ducklings, The Haunted or the Sinners. The original pressing of Ellison’s album has become one of the most sought after Canadian underground psychedelic rock albums and sells for huge amount of dollars.

Track list:
1. Unchanged World
2. Seal A Beam Bow
3. Satanic
4. Winter Slutch
5. Strawberry Rain
6. Untruth Story
7. Freedom

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Void Records

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