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Emperor -As The Shadows Rise pic disc


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2020 release as picture disc

During the course of their career, Emperor went through two major shifts in their style, but never did so in a rapid, abrupt fashion, from one release to the next. Instead, they released two transitional EPs which marked the ending on their previous style of music, and carefully introduced the new one. The first of the two was As The Shadows Rise, which marked the transition to the trashy but hypnotic garage necro Black Metal of their demo to the nocturnal, epic style of their self-titled EP and their debut album In The Nightside Eclipse by covering songs from the former in the style of the latter. This EP is among the rarest of all Emperor releases and it shows everything that once made Emperor a uniquely magnificent. Undeniably one of the definite masterpieces in Norwegian Black Metal. Recorded in 1992 with a classic line up of Samoth, Ihsahn, Faust and Mortiis.

Track list:
1. The Ancient Queen
2. Lord Of The Storms
3. Witches Sabbath

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Hammerheart records

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HHR 2020-26

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