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Enbound ‎–And She Says Gold cd


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Enbound can be best described as a progressive power metal band with elements of melodic metal and AOR. In short, you have a band that is highly technical and melodic and occasionally very heavy on the guitar side of things (Shifting Gears). If you like shredding guitar solos and technical and often heavy guitar riffs than you will like this band. The drumming and bass playing is also quite impressive with many time signature changes and little solos and fills throughout. But it is the vocals that really shine on this album. Vocalist Lee Hunter is nothing less than breathtaking on this record. This guy can really sing and his excellent pronunciation, phrasing, and vocal harmonies remind me of A Capella bands like Straight No Chaser (but with metal). These guys also remind me of Seventh Wonder (another Swedish progressive metal band that is very melodic and has a great singer). Sweden just seems to have a whole slew of very talented bands! There are a few ballads that are absolutely stunning and may surprise you as they do not sound like the type of songs that you would find on an album that is as intense as this one is. In other words, these guys can write soft songs with the best of them and are equally impressive in the metal category as well. All of their songs maintain an incredible amount of melody which makes you often return for more. And She Says Gold is a masterpiece of melodic power metal, and definitely one of the best debut albums to come out during the last ten years in the scene. The powerful arrangements that characterize Enbound, together with the smooth and emotional vocals by Lee Hunter, Enbound has created something special. Fans of melodic metal and hard rock will for sure love the sound of Enbound.

Track list:
1. Combined The Souls
2. Descending
3. Noiseless Bullet
4. Squeals Of War
5. Frozen To Be
6. Under A Spell
7. Untitled X
8. I Am Lost To You
9. Shifting Gears
10. Love Has Come
11. The Broken Heart
12. Running Free
13. Me And Desire
14. Beat It–Michael Jackson cover

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