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Enchanter –Defenders Of The Realm lp [silver]


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Silver vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 333 copies

Formed in Jackson Michigan in 1984 Enchanter had numerous line up changes until firming up the Shellberg/Copeland/Osbourne and Kidder team that would go onto record from 1987 through 1990. The first demo that appeared in 87/88 was the Defenders of the Realm Demo followed by the Time Gone Past Nevermore in 1989 and culminating with the Ethereal Quarter single in 1990. Listening back to the material, it is hard to believe these are demo’s. The style Enchanter plays is a pretty unique style sounding something like Awaken The Guardian-era Fates Warning would if they suddenly decided to take some pointers from the more blue collar realm of USPM, like Omen or Virgin Steele. In other words, Enchanter takes the best aspects of both sides of the power metal spectrum and combines them into one coherent, fantastic beast that utterly slays just about all in its path. Certainly at the peak of its grandeur it could give even the mighty Fates Warning a run for its money. The album’s production is pretty damn good, especially keeping in mind that the material comes from demos in the 1980s. The guitar is loud and clear, with a delightfully meaty tone which works perfectly for the album. Everything is mixed in quite well, with the guitar and vocals on more or less equal footing with very audible, pounding drums. The vocals here are fantastic, by the way. Brian David Osborne sounds something like Eric Adams of Manowar would if he used his upper register a lot more, constantly belting out confident shrieks. As far as I’m concerned, this band is absolutely worthy of being mentioned alongside the titans of Us power metal such as Omen and Queensryche. It’s just that good, it should appeal especially to fans of Fates Warning, but also Queensryche, Glacier, Siren, Halifax, Invid, Angellic Rage and the like. Its a must-have album; it truly is one of the shining gems of the genre.

Track list:
1. Thor
2. Beckoned With A Call
3. Defenders Of The Realm
4. Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
5. Time Gone Past Nevermore
6. Beckoned With A Call
7. Keepers Of The Dawn
8. Imaginary Throne
9. Ethereal Quarter

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Buried By Time And Dust Records

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DUST 056

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