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Engineers ‎–In Praise Of More dcd


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Limited edition with an instrumental bonus disc

UK based Engineers, featuring multi-instrumentalist Mark Peters, celebrated German ambient artist/producer Ulrich Schnauss, and London based drummer and composer Matthew Linley, have been creating mesmerising music with brilliantly shaded guitar textures and teasing lyrical ambiguities since 2004. It was with their second album released in 2009, ‘Three Fact Fader’, that brought them to the attention of worldwide media, they followed up its success with a third album ‘In Praise Of More’ in 2010, which also brought about a change in line-up – Mark Peters moved to guitar and was replaced by Daniel Land on bass and Matthew Linley joined on drums. In addition, respected solo artist Ulrich Schnauss, who had previously played keyboards live with the band, joined as full time member. The songs range from the bliss-drenched acoustic heat haze of ‘Las Vega’ and ‘There Will Be Time’, through the wistful ‘What It’s Worth’ and slight edginess of ‘Twenty Paces’, to more energetic electric numbers such as ‘Press Rewind’ ‘Subtober’ and the title track (with a Ricky Wilson-esque buzz saw riff and squiggly guitar finale). The stand outs for me are the title track, ‘Twenty Paces’ and the slowly rising grandeur of ‘To An Evergreen’. If you already enjoy their music, you’ll certainly not be disappointed with this album. If you haven’t heard them, I’d suggest this as a very good starting point. Another musical delight.

Track list:
1. What It’s Worth
2. Subtober
3. Las Vega
4. Press Rewind
5. There Will Be Time
6. To An Evergreen
7. Twenty Paces
8. In Praise Of More
9. Nach Hause
10. What It’s Worth-instrumental
11. Subtober-instrumental
12. Las Vega-instrumental
13. Press Rewind-instrumental
14. There Will Be Time-instrumental
15. To An Evergreen-instrumental
16. Twenty Paces-instrumental
17. In Praise Of More-instrumental
18. Nach Haus-instrumental

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