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Ensiferum -From Afar lp [clear]


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2020 press on clear vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 100 copies

Whilst it is debatable that Ensiferum can or ever will top the self-titled debut and even 2004’s Iron from Maenpaas era in the band, Markus Toivonen has approached the task in the best way possible this time, concentrating on developing their musical technology, upgrading their weaponry and creating an untouchable battle-shield around them as they remain stationed in the core of their beloved sound, where things can only go from strength to strength.

Track list:
1. By The Dividing Stream
2. From Afar
3. Twilight Tavern
4. Heathen Throne
5. Elusive Reaches
6. Stone Cold Metal
7. Smoking Ruins
8. Tumman Virran Taa/Behind The Dark Stream
9. The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)

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Hammerheart records

Catalogue Number

HHR 2020-05

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