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Ensiferum – One Man Army dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with 4 bonus tracks, gatefold cover and poster

Commended by Outburn for songs that are consistently epic in scope with a reliance on catchy melodies, Ensiferums One Man Army serves as the follow up to 2012s lauded Unsung Heroes full length. Sammi Hinkka (bassist): Recording process was long, hard, rewarding and full of incredible moments. Instruments were actually played and left as they were instead of creating tracks from hundreds of different takes, moving them to the grid and modifying things. Of course computers were used but overall we made everything as analog as possible. Listeners can experience a better sound and natural groove, something that we think most metal albums lack these days. Overall, the album sounds much more like a band playing live rather than midi metal.

Track list:
1. March of War
2. Axe Of Judgement
3. Heathen Horde
4. One Man Army
5. Burden Of The Fallen
6. Warrior Without A War
7. Cry For The Earth Bounds
8. Two Of Spades
9. My Ancestors Blood
10. Descendants Defiance Domination
11. Neito Pohjola
12. Candour And Lies
13. Rawhide
14. War Metal
15. Bonus Song

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