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Entrails -Rise Of The Reaper lp


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Black vinyl with poster

If you want to find a “new” band that plays death metal the way it was meant to sound then you can’t get any better than the first three Entrails albums. Now they are back with Rise Of The Reaper is a solid and vicious album and Dan Swano have helped to bring back the wall of sound that the band is known for. New for this album is that guitarist Penki have changed to bass and vocals and he has a voice that will you remind you of Ola from Grave so the band has lost none of its power. So anyone into Grave, Asphyx, Dismember and Entombed that still havent found this band now really need to check them out.

Track list:
1. Rise Of The Reaper-intro
2. For Hell
3. Miscreation
4. The Pyre
5. In The Shape Of The Dead
6. Gravekeeper
7. Destination Death
8. Destruction
9. Crawl In Your Guts
10. For Whom The Head Rolls
11. Evils Of The Night
12. Cathedral Of Pain
13. The End-outro

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