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Entrapment -Lamentations Of The Flesh cd


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Entrapment started off as a Dutch one man project (when recording), but has a full line-up for live gigs. Their second album Lamentations Of The Flesh is a concept album which is a rational insult on the main dogmas of religion. On this album, the band blended their raw traditional style of death metal with a more atmospheric approach that will drag the listener into an abyss of unspeakable horror. Perpetual Impudence opens the album. It has a slow, grinding and sinister sound with an emphasis on the macabre. When the vocals come around, the pace quickens, and it is an amalgam of both Death and Black Metal. Abhorrence of the Unknown has a more relentless pace to it, pounding forth the message with a flurry of double-bass and an overload of riffing. Here we pick up on some more traditional Thrash Metal in the mix. Proclamation settles into a slow groove, heavy on the bottom end. It is dark, evil and brooding, like a haunted forest on All-Hallow’s Eve. The title track might carry the most fitting description of the music. There is some really strong lead guitar work among the canvas of death. Unearthly Cries is a very aptly titled song, as the music carries forth a feeling of Death and Doom, while the vocals are short lived lamentations, while Seditious Dreamers is a bit more of a lively, riff driven track. The tortured wails really add a nice extra dimension to the song. In The Faithless is really powerful anthem of sorts, tying together many of the other tracks and really showing the core message of the conceptual album as a whole. As many of these bands do, there is an acoustic ending with a solo that fades the track out. Coming back around is a duo of scorchers in Hostile Life and Engulfed by Flames. They are an attack on your senses in a full-on assault of Death Metal. The closing track is On Carrion Wings. Overall there is no questioning the band’s intention of making a really dark and evil sounding album. Their musicianship is strong, but the album as a whole could include more variation to complement their place in a genre overloaded with modern bands going for a similar sound.

Track listing:
1. Perpetual Impudence
2. Abhorrence of the Unborn
3. Proclamation
4. Lamentations of the Flesh
5. Unearthly Cries
6. Seditious Dreamers
7. The Faithless
8. Hostile Life
9. Engulfed By Flames
10. Engraved
11. On Carrion Wings

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