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Envig ‎–By Human Hands lp [red]


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Red vinyl with lyric insert and poster. Limited 200 copies

You might look at the cover and think you’re in for some war black metal ala Panzer Division Marduk. However the Lidkoping, Sweden act Envig aren’t black metal though they perform some extreme metal indeed and they rely heavily on war themes. No what we have here is Death metal in the footsteps of the mighty Bolt Thrower and Swedish gods like Dismember injected with D-beat fury giving it all a slight crust taste. This is the kind of stuff that takes you back to your youth when death metal was the taste of the day and Entombed, Asphyx and Tampa ruled the musical landscape. Theres no frills on this album just heavy killing riffs and a vocalist that sounds like a bastard son of Martin Van Drunen and Karl Willets. If you adore death metal and dont mind if its a bit crust infused then look no further, Envig vwill make your day. This is a musical torture for your ears in a good way. And its no big surprise that the album ends with a Bolt Thrower cover.

Track list:
1. Fodder
2. Orders To Kill
3. By Human Hands
4. White Light / Black Rain
5. Samvetets Ok
6. Hunger For More
7. Upprorets Tid
8. Clear
9. Let Them Starve
10. Sonderkommando
11. For Victory-Bolt Thrower cover

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