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Eric Carr -Unfinished Business box [yellow/blue]


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Record Store Day Box with two lps, poster, printed innersleeves and a special box with flashing light eye effect. Limited 5000 copies

Legendary Kiss drummer Eric Carr was an integral part of the band for over 11 years. His powerful drumming rocked the music world through the metal Eighties. Carr is still an influence on drummers and rock fans alike. ‘Unfinished Business’ is a special 20th-year commemorative album release that features over 17 rare Eric Carr recordings, including previously unreleased music, live performances, interview clips and more. Guests include current and former members of Kiss, Twisted Sister, Seether, Z02, Europe, Danger Danger and more. Shandi as presented here is Eric’s vocal track put over a new, low-key and groovy accompaniment. The other great track is Dial L For Love, which is a powerful song even though it lacks vocals here. You can almost imagine what the melody line might have been, though; it’s a strong track. This album is a testament to a man whose personality and heart were as big as his enormous talent. Eric’s spirit is alive in each and every song. Executive producer is Erics sister Loretta Caravello

Track listing:
1. Eric Speaks To The Fans
2. Just Cant Wait
3. Troubles Inside You
4. Eric Talks About His Music
5. No Ones Messin With You
6. Car Jam 1981
7. Eric Talks About His KISS Audition
8. Shandi
9. All Hells Breakin Loose
10. Dial L For Love
11. Elephant Man
12. Eric Talks About Mark St. John
13. Midnight Stranger
14. Eyes Of Love
15. Bill Aucoin Talks About Eric
16. Through The Years
17. I Cry At Night-recorded 1967
18. Eric joking at KISS rehearsals
19. I Found You (The One I Adore)
20. Down By The River
21. Get Down-studio demo
22. Black Magic Woman
23. Listen To The Music

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