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Eric Clapton ‎–Rolling Hotel dvd


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In 1979, Clapton put together a European tour featuring George Harrison, Elton John and Muddy Waters, in which everyone would travel from stop-to-stop on a train (and not just any train, but one designed for Nazi leader Hermann Goring). The trek was filmed and edited into a feature-length documentary that was never released. The reason for that comes back to Clapton, visibly intoxicated throughout the film, who might have felt his performances were not fit to be spotlighted. Some fans who’ve seen editions of Rolling Hotel would agree with that assessment, although there are other moments that are affecting (Clapton talking about the death of Jimi Hendrix), amusing (Clapton and his assistant toying with a French journalist) and engaging (his impromptu acoustic version of When Did You Leave Heaven?). The interviews are balanced with performances by Muddy Waters, Elton John and George Harrison as well as Clapton and his band in full concert. This dvd not only features the 75 minutes unreleased documentary but also material from Saturday Night Live 1979 with Clapton as well as The Rolling Stones from Atlantic City 1989 where they are joined by Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker.

Track list:
1. Eric Clapton -Rolling Hotel
2. Eric Clapton -Saturday Night Live 1979
3. The Rolling Stones with Eric Clapton -Little Red Rooster-Atlantic City 1989
4. The Rolling Stones w/Clapton and Hooker -Boogie Chillen-Atlantic City 1989

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