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Eternal Champion ‎–Ravening Iron MC


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German pressed music cassette. Yellow cassette with red text. Limited 500 copies

Eternal Champions debut album, The Armor Of Ire, took the metal community with storm. This Texas act received amazing reviews and fans of old school 80s epic metal found a new act to follow. Then they returned in autumn of 2000 with the follow up, Ravening Iron. The album follows in the same footstep and has a massive sound that epic heavy metal needs nowadays; faithful to the past, yet fresh and exciting with Eternal Champion’s unique identity and aesthetic in full presence. The eight tracks are glorious and uplifting, with heavy riffs, synths, a hard and pounding rhythm section, narrating stories and legends from the depths of time and fantasy. If you loved their debut you will love this one as well. Lay down your battle axe and buy this straight away

Track list:
1. A Face In The Glare
2. Ravening Iron
3. Skullseeker
4. War At The Edge Of The End
5. Cowards Keep
6. Worms Of The Earth
7. The Godblade
8. Banners Of Arhai

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Darkness Shall Rise Records

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DSR 120

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