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Europe -Rock The Night dvd


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A nice collection of all the promotional videos Europe did. However the best thing is the bonus material that features various performances and clips from Swedish television including the TV broadcast of the two tracks Europe performed when they won the national rock contest Rock SM in 1982. The first major step towards major stardom

Track listing:
1. The Final Countdown-video
2. Rock The Night-video
3. Carrie-video
4. Cherokee-video
5. Superstitious-video
6. Open Your Heart-video
7. Let The Good Times Rock-video
8. Prisoners In Paradise-video
9. Ill Cry For You-video
10. Halfway To Heaven-video
11. In The Future To Come-live Rock SM 1982
12. The King Will Return-live Rock SM 1982
13. Casablanca Interview-SVT tv clip 1983
14. Scream Of Anger-live Club Studion, Stockholm SVT 1984
15. Ninja-live Club Studion, Stockholm SVT 1984
16. Dreamer-live Club Studion, Stockholm SVT 1984
17. Memories-live Club Studion, Stockholm SVT 1984
18. Tour Premiere In Orebro, Sweden 1986-SVT Rapport 1986
19. On Tour In The Usa-SVT Ritz 1988

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