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Evangelicum ‎–Enter Mythic Dusk cd


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When you buy anything connected to Rogga Johansson you expect to hear old-school death metal because this is where Rogga has his true passion. So therefore Evangelicum comes as a surprise. This is far from what Mr Johansson has released in the past. Evengelicum is a dark ambient industrial project. Evangelicum’s debut album, Necroholistic Dreams from 2019, featured some tracks that went as far back as 1995. Yes Rogga was playing around with industrial music around the same time as the old Cold Meat acts had their most vital period. 2021 sees the release of the second album, Enter Mythic Dusk, and its another sound experiment across the metal and industrial spectrum. If youre into gloomy industrial ambient music like Raison De Etre and Brighter Death Now then check this out.

Track list:
1. Field Of Mystic Entrance
2. Flesh Exodus
3. The Diatribes
4. Concrete Meat
5. The Cryptic Chambers
6. Lick Now Defeat
7. The Caustic Dusk
8. Beneath A Wasted Sky

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