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Evenoire ‎–Vitriol cd


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Gothic and Symphonic Metal with a very distinctive medieval folk approach featuring the warm and powerful voice of female singer Lisy Stefanoni, thats what we can expect from Evenoire. They combine a wide range of influences, from Gothic to Symphonic Metal, from Progressive to Doom which has already attracted overwhelming response from the international underground Metal scene. The album also features a special guest appearance by German soprano Gaby Koss (Haggard, Equilibrium, Nota Profana) in the song Misleading Paradise.

Track list:
1. Vitriol
2. Days Of The Blackbird
3. Misleading Paradie
4. Forever Gone
5. The Prayer
6. Girl By The Lake
7. Minstrel Of Dolomites
8. Alchimia
9. Wise King

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