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Evergrey -Recreation Day Sampler cd [promo]


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German 3-track cd promo in promo paper sleeve

Sweden’s Evergrey figure among a rare breed of progressive metal bands capable of balancing their undeniably impressive musicianship and lofty song and lyric-writing ambitions with the commitment to serving a song’s best interest, not their own individual instrumental prowess. More unique yet is their heavy reliance on power metal — often the most predictable and repetitive of metal subgenres — for much of their sonic imprint, as they effortlessly integrate its best elements into their inventive compositions. This promo features 3-tracks from their upcoming and their most consistent and rewarding album, Recreation Day. Featured here are the opening track, The Great Deceiver, spitting out fury with death metal-style shouting along with End Of All Days and the title track.

Track listing:
1. The Great Deceiver
2. End Of Your Days
3. Recreation Day

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