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Evil Incarnate -Blood If The Saints cd


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2021 reissue

Death metal act from Chicago that was formed in 1994 as Apollyn. The band changed name to Evil Incarnate in 1997. The band, who features members from thrash metal act Numskull, released two demos; Evil Incarnate (1997) and Christ Destroyed (1998). These two demos were then released on this cd, Blood Of Saints, in 1999. The band play a slower, mid-paced galloping death metal with distinctive vocals. Whether it shows subconciously or not, the thrash history of the band members plays a distinctive role in the current musical output projected by Evil Incarnate. The band write good, malicious, memorable death metal songs in the older school tradition of more simpler times, and they should be considered an expansion of the thrash/death metal infiltration that still exists in those who actually lived it.

Track list:
1. First Born Of The Wicked
2. Last Suffer Of Nazarene
3. Blood Of The Saints
4. Heaven Lay Burned
5. His Only Bastard Son
6. Twist Of The Serpent’s Head
7. Raised From The Deep
8. The Sacrificial Lamb
9. Dead Corpse Of Jesus Christ
10. Scripture Of Impurity

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