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Evil Survives -Metal Vengeance cd


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Upon your first listen, its quite apparent just where Evil Survives pulls most of their influence. Unlike most recent Canadian metal bands, which mainly draw influence from hardcore and groove metal, Evil Survives provides an unabashed, technically proficient throwback to the REAL heavy stuff such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Agent Steel, and a bit of Racer X for good measure. Inspiring and charismatic vocals, soaring guitar leads, beautiful harmonies, galloping bass, relentless drumming, its all here, folks! Evil Survives is flying the metal flag high, and they sound damn proud to be doing it so well! Metal Vengeance opens with a bang right from the start with the thundering track Evil Will Survive. Crushingly heavy, yet very melodic, Evil Survives lets you know they arent fucking around right from the get-go. This track leads straight into the aptly titled Metal, my personal favorite from the album. This track is absolutely phenomenal. The galloping bass intro is more than enough to send any 3rd rate nu-metal pansies running to the hills (pun VERY intended), and it just gets better from there. Karl Axe Smash Warkentins screams are front and centre in the chorus, falling back into a rough Bruce Dickinson-esque style in the verse. Sean and Adrians solos are absolutely fantastic in this song, giving anyone on the local scene today something to live up to. The drumming was definitely one of the most immediate highlights of the album for me. Regardless of the song, Derrick always manages to throw a lightning-fast fill or quick double-bass pattern into even the most basic drumbeat. Anyone whos still hung-up on drummer jokes will surely put a lid on it after hearing this album. Lyrically, Evil Survives is once again unabashedly metal in their approach. You wont find any BS-ing over an abusive childhood here, nor will you find any thickly metaphorical, pretentious musings. Evil Survives is a band that isnt afraid to write about the fundamentals (vampires, Greek mythology, heavy metal patriotism). Seriously though, this whole fascination mallcore bands have with using their personal struggles as fodder for songwriting has always been a major pet peeve of mine. Im sorry, Id just rather listen to something fun and/or inspiring as opposed to hearing someone complain for 3 and a half minutes. All in all, Metal Vengeance is a solid debut from a Winnipeg classic metal band, which has only uphill to go. Although I love the current sound, I am anxiously waiting for the next release to see where they can go from here. Is the sound perennial? Will they progress and grow into a truly unique band? Only time can tell.

Track listing:
1. Evil Will Survive
2. Metal
3. Lords Of Harmony
4. Vampire Ambush
5. Masonic Enforcers
6. Poseidon Pounds The Coast
7. The Plains Of Illum
8. Beasts Of The Odyssey
9. Jpl-EP version

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