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Evile -The Unknown lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Since their formation in 2004, British thrash masters Evile have been turning heads and taking names, delivering pure thrash offerings blended with an uncompromising death metal assault. The summer of 2023 saw the four-piece returning with their sixth full-length offering, entitled The Unknown. This time, Evile prove that they are more than just a thrash band, churning out slower tempos with a heavier approach. In addition, melodic vocals meet serious, in-depth lyrical topics – ranging from depression, overcoming loss and recurring nightmares, self-esteem and image, to more personal themes like living with dementia, struggling through the music industry and even the concerns of becoming a new parent. The Unknown unchains the rampant songwriting talent of these British thrash metal frontrunners, proving that thrash does not always have to be fast-paced. It can also be in-your-face with outstanding musical skill, without fear of showing a still unknown face of lyrical depth and an enthralling, versatile, brave modern metal sound!

Track list:
1. The Unknown
2. The Mask We Wear
3. Monolith
4. When Mortal Coils Shed
5. Sleepless Eyes
6. Out Of Sight
7. At Mirror Speech
8. Reap What You Sow
9. Beginning Of The End
10. Balance Of Time

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