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Evilfeast –Funeral Sorcery dlp


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First press. Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and 4 photos. Limited 500 numbered copies.

Magnificent Black Metal from this extremely underground band. Evilfeast is a one-man band from Poland, and this was their second full-length. Funeral Sorcery was originally released on cassette and limited to 300 copies, but recently it was re-released so it is finally available to a wider audience. This is the shit. Evilfeast draw on elements of the classic second-wave bands like Satyricon and Mayhem, mixing it all with a primal grimness that maybe only Polish bands can do properly. The guitar tone is a revelation — a blasting holocaust of raw, freezing evil — and when it’s used to forge riffs as huge and atonally gratifying as these, it pretty much encapsulates what Black Metal is supposed to be about. Evilfeast are not minimalist, and there is a lot of melody and atmosphere at work here, building these huge, brooding songs filled with power and grace. Keys are employed masterfully to built mood and carry the complexity of the compositions, without diluting the bitter cold of the guitars. At just short of an hour, this is a massive album, and every second of it is pure Black Metal joy as it twists and coils through these long songs. All these songs are between seven and thirteen minutes, and every second of it will kill and rape you. Evil, grim, bleak, cold, black, black, black. These words get thrown around a lot, but only a very few bands really fulfil them. Funeral Sorcery is the cold essence of Black Metal.

Track listing:
1. Funeral Sorcery
2. I Reach The Winter Twilight
3. Krone Aus Kalten Sternen
4. Tale Of Carpathian Wind
5. Iconoclast Eminence
6. Im Schatten Der Majestat Des Eistodes

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