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Evilfeast –Isenheimen mlp


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Original first press from 2018 on black vinyl

The Isenheimen mini album consists of four tracks that lasts 37 minutes. The first three tracks are recordings from 2006/2007 that first was released on a split EP with Marblebog. This mini album comes with one bonus track recorded in the summer of 2013. Music wise you can hear that its early Evilfeast. Raw guitars, fast drumming and atmospheric riffs and then the beautiful keyboards. GrimSpirit does his typical high-pitched shrieks and his vocal performance is still as strong as ever. Overall its not necessary as mind-blowing as other releases by the band but its still true black metal poetry.

Track list:
1. Dawn Of Winter
2. Isenheimen
3. My Journey Into Cold Infinity
4. The Ancient Order

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Amor Fati Records

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