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Evilfeast –Wolves Of Hyperborean Frost 10″


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Black vinyl 10” single

This Polish atmospheric black metal act has done an interesting journey from releasing some splendid albums such as Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest and Wintermoon Enchantment to get a song played in a Netflix movie. The Wolves Of Hyperborean Forest is a limited release that features the rare 2009 demo with the same name. It was originally released as a demo in just 50 numbered copies and its now been repressed onto a vinyl. The title track would later appear on the Wintermoon Enchantment but here we find an early version of the track that feels more raw and the snares are pounding some fierceness into the chaotic atmosphere. The track has a running time of 13 minutes and every second of this track is great from the shriek vocals to the riffs. Out next is a dark ambient track called Himmel Aus Eis that flows into a cover version of the Burzum track Der Tod Wuotans. This is an amazing demo that was the start to Wintermoon Enchantment. If you love what the band has done on their full length albums you will still need to hear this. Its raw but has tons of emotions.

Track list:
1. Wolves Of Hyperborean Frost
2. Himmel Aus Eis / Der Tod Wuotans

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Obscure Abhorrence Productions

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