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Exawatt –Time Frames cd


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Italian progressive act Exawatt’s debut album, Time Frames, was released in 2005. The band, who was formed in Perguia in 1991, plays progressive metal with touches of power metal. The band have a solid musicianship, and lot’s of great ideas, and you will just love the way they incorporate classical themes into the compositions – and I mean literally that – The Power Of Fate is an adaptation of Verdi’s La Forza Del Destino and they also performs Odissea Veneziana that was original perfomed by the Italian chamber orchestra Rondo Veneziano. A great recording but still the band will take place in the second tier of progmetal bands, simply because that their are quite a few artists out there capable of releasing superb, high standard recordings. The production is a bit raw and Luca Benni’s vocals sounds a bit like Steve Perry but feels a bit strained and has some accent. Keyboard player Andrea Corsetti feels like the backbone of the band. There are some wonderful keyboard solos all over the album. The band has also added a female vocalist on Synapose and a female soprano vocalist on Power Of Fate. Overall an impressive progressive metal offering. A must for fans of Dream Theatre or Queensryche, but Exawatt mantain a very special italian feeling too.

Track list:
1. Power Of Fate
2. Heretic
3. As The Sun Sets Down
4. On The Wings
5. Odissea Veneziana
6. Dungeon Dance
7. Out Of Me
8. Synapse
9. My Silver Tears
10. Sigh In Time

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