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Execration ‎–Morbid Dimensions MC


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In Coffin productions release on black cassette with blue paper label.

Where Norwegian act Execration’s previous album Odes Of The Occult was full of Incantation and Immolation inspired death metal riffs, this one digs deep into the black metal territory for inspirations. The guitars arent as distorted and the vocalys are layered with more reverb while adding more muddy blastbeats. This works well while at the same time with that cleaner sound there really arent no way left for the band to hide. Morbid Dimensions is a miasma of muculent viscous riffs feeling both punky and chaotic. Then there’s some direct, furious Autopsy-ish sloppyness on some tracks. This is an interesting experiment and an ambitious record and the music would probably still be cconsidered progressive death metal and it feels like the band really tried something new. The end result is a pretty darn impressive album even though it dont quite reach the level of Odes Of The Occult. Lets see where the band goes from here.

Track list:
1. Cosmic Mausoleum
2. Ritual Hypnosis
3. Doppelgangers
4. Morbid Dimensions
5. Tribulation Shackles
6. Vestiges
7. Ancient Tongue
8. Miasmal Sabbath
9. Funeral Procession

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