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Exhumed -Slaughtercult dlp [splatter]


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2018 reissue on orange splatter vinyl with one regular vinyl and one saw shaped vinyl. Comes in gatefold cover, insert and 12 bonus tracks

Exhumed says: Making our second full-length was a bit of a challenge. Having done our first real tour (the 1999 Contamination tour with Soilent Green, Today is the Day, Morgion, and Nasum), we were beginning to find our feet as a band and realize what the hell we were doing. But before we could realize this we had to move rehearsal spaces 3 times, which really added to the time it took to get this album done. Mike had joined after all the material for “Gore Metal” was already written, so we were able to get his input from the beginning, which was a big step in the right direction. Another good move was enlisting Grindcore master Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum to produce the album. His involvement really helped the album sound 100% better than its predecessor, much to everyone’s relief. The whole approach was to make an album that never let up and was a total assault from beginning to end. We actually had a relatively slow song in mind for the album for most of the writing process, but it was axed in favor of two all-out blasters, “Infester” and “Slaughtercult”. The whole record was recorded very naturally, with no pro-tools, triggers or overdubs at all for the drums. All the vocals are one track (per vocalist), preserving the live and up-front feel that “Slaughtercult” is all about. The cover was done in the bathroom of our rehearsal space at the time, over a period of about two hours. There were a lot of knocks on the door during that time! The whole look of the cover was meant to be a lot more dark and obscure than “Gore Metal”, which although it was suitably over-the-top, ended up coming off pretty cartoonish. The shattered mirror motif was inspired by Italian Horror genius Dario Argento and Black Flag’s “Damaged” album. With Mieszko Talarczyk (Nasum) on the second guitar solo on ‘Fester Forever’

Track list:
1. Decrepit Crescendo
2. Forged In Fire (Formed In Flame)
3. A Lesson In Pathology
4. This Axe Was Made To Grind
5. Carnal Epitaph
6. Dinnertime In The Morgue
7. Fester Forever
8. Deep Red
9. Infester
10. Slave To The Casket
11. Slaughtercult
12. Funeral Fuck
13. Vacant Grave
14. Totally Fucking Dead
15. A Lesson In Pathology
16. Forged In Fire (Forged In Flame)
17. Slave To The Casket
18. Dinnertime In The Morgue-unreleased version
19. Emeticide
20. Decrepit Crescendo
21. This Axe Was Meant To Grind
22. Pus Grinder
23. Decrepit Crescendo-2014 version
24. Slaughtercult-2014 version
25. Vacant Grave-2014 version

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