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Exhumed -To The Dead lp [mustard]


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Mustard coloured vinyl with censored insert cover. Limited 1296 copies

Exhumed returns from the depths with their macabre 2022 album, To The Dead. The album is the culmination of decades upon decades of nightmarish riffs, obliterating blast beats, and hellish screams from the very depths the band crawled out from. Exhumed is a great band. Unlike many older bands discographies, this is an excellent starting point if you haven’t listened to that much of their material. If you can handle this type of music you will likely want more and their back catalog is excellent. The musicianship is brutal and top-notch, full of gravity beats and it feels pretty close to the early Carcass, but the sense of speed is overwhelmingly. The interaction between the twin vocals roar and growls.

Track list:
1. Putrescine And Cadaverine
2. Drained Of Color
3. Carbonized
4. Rank And Defiled
5. Lurid, Shocking And Vile
6. Undertaking The Overkilled
7. Necrotica
8. No Headstone Unturned
9. Defecated
10. Disgusted

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