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Exumer -Possessed By Fire lp with 7″ [blue]


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2020 press on electric blue vinyl with white labels, poster, insert and bonus vinyl single. Limited 350 copies

Hailing from Germany, Exumer were not just another generic thrash metal band in the scene. Possessed By Fire is quite an energetic album with some genuinely good riffs. The band’s style on this debut is close to the early Exodus with raw vocals and fast, straightforward songs. What really makes this album rise above the average is the great feel the music creates; it is easy to sense the level of enthusiasm put into the making of Possessed By Fire. Not only that, but this is a fine piece of thrash metal as far as songwriting is considered. Tracks like A Mortal In Black and Xiron Dark Star contain some extremely powerful and catchy yet simple riffs that it’s almost brilliant. Even though not all tracks are such masterpieces, the general impression is absolutely positive. I was actually quite surprised how good this album turned out to be – undoubtedly one of the better old releases

Track listing:
1. Possessed By Fire
2. Destructive Solution
3. Fallen Saint
4. A Mortal In Black
5. Sorrows Of The Judgement
6. Xiron Darkstar
7. Reign Of Sadness
8. Journey To Oblivion
9. Silent Death

Vinyl single:
1. A Mortal In Black
2. Scanners
3. Silent Death

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HRR 296

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