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Eye Of Purgatory ‎–The Lighthouse cd


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Eye Of The Purgatory is another fine project by Rogga Johansson where he handles most of instruments himself. Here he explores the essence of Swedish death metal with its inherent crunchy heaviness and soul-ripping melodies. His debut album The Rotting Enigma was released in 2018 and 2021 saw the release of the second album, The Lighthouse. Eye Of Purgatory is a refreshing interpretation of mid-90s melodic death metal. The most obvious comparison to the style Rogga goes for here is the pre-Crimson material by Edge Of Sanity. Melodic death metal with hooks and keyboards. Then we have these huge riffs from Rogga that reminds you acts such as At The Gates, Hypocrisy and Slayer. This second release from Eye Of Purgatory is as good as melodic death metal can be in modern times. If thats youre taste of music then get this one as it serves its purpose and will leave you satisfied.

Track list:
1. And From The Fog/The Lighthouse
2. Fornever To Awaken
3. Carved In A Stone Bleeding
4. Pieces Of A Fading World
5. They Silently Await
6. Where Life Slowly Fades
7. Rotting Pathways
8. Rebirther

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