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Eye Of Purgatory ‎–The Rotting Enigma cd


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Eye Of The Purgatory is another fine project by Rogga Johansson where he handles most of instruments himself. Here he explores the essence of Swedish death metal with its inherent crunchy heaviness and soul-ripping melodies. Fans of semi-melodic death metal in the vein of Edge of Sanity, Dismember, Desultory, early Cemetary, early Tiamat and so on should check this out. Its hard to say where Eye Of Purgatory fits in with all the other bands and projects that Rogga Johanssons has at the same time but in the end it really doesnt matter as its another fine slab of death metal . Fans of classic Swedish death metal beware

Track list:
1. The House On The Edge Of Hell
2. Sucked Through The Void
3. Screams In The Darkness
4. A Prologue To The Macabre
5. Whispers From Another World
6. A Room With A View (Of Hell)
7. The First Door

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Iron Blood And Death Corporation / Nekromantra Records

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