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Eyes n Lips –Pornstar For President cd


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For a decade or two ago Italy was mainly known for its power and symphonic metal scene. Since then, times have changed, and bands from this country are mainly playing melodic hard rock and glam/sleaze rock of the 80s. One of those bands are Eyes N Lips and Pornstar For President is their debut album. The album is full of songs that deals with your typical sleeze subjects such as sex, drugs and rock n roll and the music is raunchy and dirty. Many Italian acts suffers due to their limited singers and in this bands case they have a singer from Brazil unfortunately that doesnt change much in the outcome. The band shows a lot of enthusiasm to perform sleaze metal and to be decadent but the end result isnt more than average. Die-hard fans of the genre will probably get more out of this then the average metal head.

Track list:
1. Jack And Daniel
2. Fuckin Obsessive
3. Pornstar For President
4. Soldier Of Love
5. With You
6. Bring Me To Your Paradise
7. Come Away, Come Away With Me
8. Desire And Curiosity
9. Rock Your Love
10. Day After Day

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